Raymond Wong (汪恩赐), the number 1  Food Stylist and  Photographer from Hong Kong is seen here engrossed at work preparing a photo shoot for GENLIFE Ginger Mix. He had the opportunity to try our GENLIFE Ginger Mix via his friend and was very impressed with it's 100% natural ingredients. To the extent that it prompted him to want to apply his skill and passion for food photography to bring our GENLIFE Ginger Mix to life !

According to him, such product is not new in Hong Kong and people are becoming aware of the benefits of consuming it. He shared that sometime ago ,Yim Ho - one of the more famous Hong Kong film directors in the 80s leading the Hong Kong New Wave - talked at length about this "no secret" recipe in a TV interview in Hongkong. More information about Raymond Wong is available on https://www.facebook.com/raymondwong.2014/

Hashimoto~san tried our product and loves it ! He says GENLIFE Ginger Beverage Mix helps improve his bowel regularity, and digestion too. He now has better appetite and also feels more energetic after taking it regularly.

Thank you for your support, Hashimoto~san.

MR. RAYMOND TAN : Malaysia

"Saya mahu mencuba produk produk seperti itu namun saya tak pasti yang mana satu memandangkan terdapat pelbagai jenama di pasaran sekarang khususnya dari segi kualiti. Saya merasa yakin dengan GENLIFE Ginger Beverage Mix setelah melihat persijilan dan ujian makmal yang telah dijalankan. "

"Thank you for your continued support and for the confidence that you have placed in us."

Customers from Dalian & Shanghai, China.

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