About Us

DailyPro International Sdn Bhd (“DPI”)) was incorporated on 9th October 2015 to manufacture and distribute primarily health related products, both locally and overseas market.

The distribution of our products is currently mainly via reputable pharmacy chain stores and wholesalers both Malaysia and Overseas. An adequate geographical coverage is necessary to ensure that the targeted customer segment is fully explored.

“TO BRING GOOD THINGS TO LIFE” – We at DPI are constantly thinking of how to enable people to incorporate more products with health benefits into their everyday diet. We will achieve this through better understanding of the many different natural plant foods that are long associated with reduction of risk of many lifestyle-related health conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases and overall mortality. We envision offering products that are of natural food supplements and not merely any kind of supplements.

We are determined to offer "SUPERIOR PRODUCTS WITH GREAT VALUE" to everyone through painstaking R&D initiatives and whenever possible, offer the products coupled with convenience that many of us cannot live without these days!