About Us

Founded on October 9th 2015, DailyPro International Sdn Bhd, or DPI, specializes in the distribution of premium quality health foods through pharmacy chain stores, organic stores, and reputable wholesalers in the country. We market a full range of products in Malaysia and various other overseas markets. Every proprietary product is launched after extensive and painstaking R&D to deliver optimal quality and great value!

Genlife represents DPI’s brand of health foods made out of pure and natural plants. An acronym for ‘Generation of Healthy Lifestyle’, Genlife’s product line aims to augment a healthy lifestyle across the world and, at the same time, help manage many lifestyle problems such as diabetes, hyperlipidaemia and heart conditions.

We at DPI, vow to bring affordable natural goodness to life. To this end, we are constantly looking at ways to incorporate more products with unparalleled health benefits into your daily diet. DPI intends to diversify into beauty food products as well, so as to make DailyPro a professional healthcare and beauty provider that offers quality, convenience and great value in every pack.  

We are actively searching for innovative and new products that we can offer to our customers and all consumers that are tasty and nutritious.  We strife to provide innovative and tasteful food products but yet at the same time stick true to being healthy.

Genlife, your healthy daily dose: Encouraging society to have healthy daily dosages as a small step towards an improved life.

Our Vision
To provide consumers worldwide with premium quality health and beauty food and beverages.

Our Mission
To encourage the people of today to build and to be a part of the generation of healthy lifestyle.


Genlife是DPI以纯天然食材制成的健康食品品牌。Genlife是“Generation of Healthy Lifestyle” 的缩写,意即维持“新一代的健康生活方式”。Genlife产品系列提升全球消费者的健康生活方式,同时协助管理各种与生活方式息息相关的疾病,如糖尿病、高脂血症和心脏病等。